04/25/03  MORE PHOTOS NEEDED. The party pix are being added as they are received but the problem is that we haven't received very many.  Most photo processors offer the option of converting prints to jpeg files.  If you have no way of emailing photos you may mail me your prints.  All photos must be captioned and prints should also have your name printed on the back. If you want the pictures returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.  We particularly need a copy of the June Class Group Photo.

03/04/03  ARE YOU STAYING AT THE RAMADA?  If you have booked your party into the Ramada Inn at JFK please contact us with dates of your reservation.  To make the most of our time together we would like to organize group activities for the days surrounding the banquet.  If we know when you will be there we'll contact you personally with news of our progress in this regard.  I would personally appreciate knowing who will be there early on the tenth since I'll be arriving around 8 AM with nothing to do until check-in time. -Warren Dickman

02/14/03  SHARE A ROOM AT THE RAMADA:  If you are coming alone and would consider sharing a room during your stay just submit the simple online form on the LODGING page. We'll see if we can match you up with someone of your own gender.

02/12/03  BUTTONS ARE BEING REDESIGNED: You may watch the progress as old buttons are being replaced by new ones.  We are going for quality and consistency this time with bigger and better photos, but if you feel that your picture doesn't look as good as the rest of them talk to me about it and I'll see what I can do to make it better.  I may need to rescan your photo if the one I have is from the early days with the old scanner when quality wasn't the best.

02/03/03  LODGING ARRANGEMENTS: Did you know that the Ramada Inn at JFK is giving us a special discount on rooms for the reunion?  The following excerpt is from an email received from Maureen Lewis Alhouse: "The hotel which seems to be the most convenient and liked by the attendees is the Ramada Inn at JFK. That's the one that's giving a discount also.  I know of two folks who have already made reservations there, but both of them are couples. The phone number is 718-995-9000 and the contact name for a discount for Lane reunion attendees is Donna Carrollo".  Many of us temporary bachelors are bunking there along with several who are coming as couples.  Be sure to mention the Lane reunion to get the discount.


01/30/03  THE BUTTONS ARE IN PROCESS: They are being configured one at a time and eventually all members confirmed as guests will see their buttons here before the order goes in.  If you are dissatisfied and would like a bit more effort put into improving yours please let me know and I'll see what I can do.  All yearbook photos don't reproduce equally, so I may not be able to do better, but I'll try harder.  This is a long involved process, so your patience is appreciated.



All our effort of the past three years comes to fruition on April 10, in Howard Beach.  To share in the fun please check for your name on the Confirmed Guest List.  If you are not there you're check has probably not yet been received. Each Sunday evening the confirmations will be updated based on checks received Monday through Saturday of that week. If you have sent your check recently and feel it should have been received, but your name does not appear by the following Monday, email me and I'll get on it.  If you are not yet on the confirmed list but plan to attend please look for your name on the UNPAID RESERVATION LIST.  IF IT IS NOT THERE please submit your reservation request online HERE.  Then follow it up immediately by writing a check covering the cost of admission ($60 per seat) + $1 for Golden Reunion Button +  $13 [optional] to be included in group photo, and mailing it to Marie Maniscalco Mauro.  You will find Marie's mailing address in the directory.  Let me know if you have any problem with this.  ALL CHECKS MUST BE RECEIVED BY SATURDAY 2/01/03.


12/31/02  TABLE GROUPS OF TEN OR TWELVE may be put together in advance.  Just send in the names in your group along with your payment to Marie Maniscalco Mauro.

12/31/02 PLEASE ADD $14 TO PRICE OF EACH MEMBER ADMISSION to be included in group photo and cover the cost of your Golden Reunion Button.  If you are not wanting the group photo you may just ad an additional dollar for your button.  If you have already sent in your payment you may simply pay the extra dollar at the door when you pick up your button.

12/31/02 THE VIDEO ISN'T HAPPENING.  If you have already sent in your payment for a copy of the video it will either be refunded or applied to any outstanding balance you may have.